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Beginner Tennis Coaching


Interested in a more activity-based, social way to learn?

Youth Group Lessons

Have fun developing tennis skills and knowledge in cooperative and competitive activities with other players with this option!


Guaranteed Improvement

Ever wanted to learn tennis, but found yourself struggling to hit the ball? Have you been frustrated trying to play only to spend most of the time picking up balls? With CanDo Tennis, you can begin with the very basics and develop your game step-by-step, following our specially curated lessons to elevate your play to the next level. Schedule your lessons now to get started!

Hear From Our Clients

I have been under Coach Yimin's tutelage for a year, honing my tennis skills. the progress has been substantial, and my passion for the sport has deepened. Each training session is eagerly anticipated and brings immense joy. Coach Yimin's expertise is truly remarkable, and his teaching methods are highly effective. He holds the distinction of being the coach with whom I've spent the most time. With meticulous attention, he rectified numerous flaws in my technique, resulting in significant advancements. Now, my forehand grip and stroke exhibit a newfound finesse, earning commendations from peers for notable progress. Apart from our regular practice sessions, which span two to three days a week, Coach Yimin extends invitations to join club sessions, offering invaluable opportunities to interact with seasoned players and learn from their experiences. Additionally, he orchestrates various student-centric activities, ranging from enjoyable Babecues to spirited competitions. During these events, Coach Yimin thoughtfully provides tokens of recognition. I proudly claimed a wristband and a tennis polo shirt as my rewards. 
As my year-and-a-half-long student sojourn in Singapore draws to a close this winter, I am profoundly grateful for Coach Yimin's steadfast support and motivation throughout this transformative year.



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